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The Helen O'Grady International is an organization that works with children across 40 countries, globally. For over 35 years, Helen O'Grady has been closely associated with kindergarten children, developing the skills essential for life through its various communication and teacher training programs.

For the first time, the learning and professional expertise gathered over the years are being put together to launch the world's first Helen O'Grady International Preschool.

Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, our preschool space encourages every child to discover, wonder, observe, think, express, communicate, share, play and learn. Our curriculum has been devised by an extremely experienced committee involving both national and international experts; ensuring holistic development and a delightful childhood for each child.


State of the art amenities that encourage your little ones to explore and learn.

Certified Tutors

Efficient learning through field visits and tours that are a part of the curriculum.

Small Class Size

Taking individual care and attention to each and every child.

Safety First

The children at HOG are protected with the highest safety standards with child-friendly equipment and furniture that ensures a safe ambiance.


Extra-curricular activities that support the curriculum and aid a child’s overall growth and development.

What makes Helen O'Grady Preschool special?

• Experienced faculty.

• Parental involvement.

• A focused reading program.

• An innovative outdoor play area.

• Kindy Drama: a special communication module for children.

• Gross motor skill development through a specialized program.

• Sensory-motor integration activities to ensure balanced growth and simulation.