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Helen O’ Grady Preschool Philosophy

The Helen O'Grady International Early Learning Solution Preschool strives to develop and uphold best practices in the provision of an early childhood service.

We are committed to integrating international thought with native ethos, thereby nurturing leaders of the future that respect all communities and cultures, celebrate diversity and collaborate with each other.

Our preschool is a place where all children grow not just in size or knowledge, but in curiosity, courage, confidence, independence, resourcefulness, resilience, patience, compassion, competence and understanding.


Designed to encourage your little ones to explore and learn.

Certified Tutors

Learning through field visits and tours that are a part of the curriculum.

Small Class Size

Individual care, love and attention to each and every child.

Safety First

Highest safety standards with child-friendly equipment and furniture that ensures a safe ambiance.


Kindy Drama, Tabatha, Yoga, & Sports support the curriculum & aid overall growth.

Why choose the Helen O’ Grady Preschool?

Our curriculum is influenced by the Reggio Emilia philosophy and believes that children have a hundred languages (ways) to express themselves. Therefore art, music, drama and dance are integrated into the curriculum.

We recognize the tripartite role of parents, teachers and society in providing a developmentally appropriate milieu for social, emotional and cognitive growth.

The curriculum includes development of the language and communication through our exclusive modules such as Kindy Drama and Kindy Music.

In the Art curriculum Children dabble in art, clay, paint and different material developing independent thought imagination and expression. A combination of structured art and unstructured art is planned for the children every day.

A well researched curriculum for Sports & Sensory motor integration development ensure physical and brain development!

One of our Connor stones is the curriculum for Cognitive development with interesting ways to learn Math, science, environmental studies and learning to listen speak, read and write!

A well researched curriculum for Sports & Sensory motor integration development ensure physical and brain development!


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1year 2 months – 1year 8 months The Baby Club is a Mom & Toddler class. The Toddler brings mother or father (or relative) to a session in school that lasts for about two hours - outdoor play, indoor play, sensory-motor integration, storytelling, puppetry, music, and movement.... twice a week! The child gets acquainted with the professional space, other children and mom and baby get to bond some more.

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This program for children in the age group 1.8 years to 3.5 years. This program stimulates and nurtures the ‘Pre-Operational Stage of Development’. The focus here is on lending wings to imagination, building strong communication skills, strengthening Sensory-Motor Integration, physical development, socio-emotional skills through collaboration cooperative play. Kindy Drama, Kindy Music, games, and sports are all part of the curriculum.

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This program for children in the age group 3.5 years to 5.5 years. The 21st Century skills are honed and polished to strengthen foundational learning of life skills, observational skills, application and expression. Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, Math and Science are enhanced via a curriculum that involves music, art, and drama. Phonics, Kindy Drama, Kindy Music, Sports, Games, Yoga and Sensory-Motor Integration is part of the curriculum.

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• A home learning kit • Materials and Books • Reggio Emilia Inspired! • Add on Co-Curricular activities

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ELP - 1 (Age 2-2.5 years)

• Home learning curriculum • Books& Worksheets • Art & Craft Kit • Online parent mentoring • Online Extracurriculars ( Drama, sport & phonics)

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ELP - 2 (Age 2.6 -3.5 years)

• Home learning curriculum • Books& Worksheets • Art & Craft Kit • Online parent mentoring • Online Extracurriculars ( Drama, sport & phonics)

Our School

Our Team

Mrs. Arpita Mittal
Instrumental in the launch of the programme in India, Mrs. Arpita Mittal was trained in the exclusive methodology of this drama system by Helen O' Grady, Executive Director HOGI, in Perth, Australia. With a Masters in English, Mrs. Mittal has multiple years of teaching experience with various colleges in Mumbai, language supervision in Swedish and Canadian Embassies and in Walt Disney, India. Her sustained commitment and belief in alternative learning tools have ensured a consistent expansion and growth of this unique programme across the country.

Mr. Harsh Seksaria
Mr. Harsh Seksaria started his academic experience from his formative schooling years at Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai. A graduate of the Sydenham College, Mumbai, he was fascinated by the energy of Helen O' Grady’s Drama classes while on a visit to New Zealand and decided to bring the programme to India. Over the last several years, he has put in considerable effort to build a capable team that will deliver the objectives of the Drama Academy and enables its expansion throughout India.

Mr. Chakravarthy Birur
A graduate in physics and a number of laurels in sports, Chakravarthy recognizes that fitness and health are habits to be formed from childhood., Chakravarthy realized that there were little or no sports programs that were age appropriate for children below eight years of age. The formative years between the age of 2 and 9, are crucial in providing children the exposure to games and sports. This helps children to choose outdoor games and activity rather than get addicted to watching television, playing video games or other passive pastimes that promote a sedentary lifestyle. Outdoor games and sports helps the child develop healthy eating habits, healthy sleeping habits, and they develop strong, healthy bodies. Chakravarthy is an entrepreneur and a cycling enthusiast.

Mr. Pankaj Mithel
An engineer and a creative innovator, having been responsible for introducing and successfully launching several products - primarily in the area of feminine hygiene and healthcare. A long and distinguished career of over thirty-seven years - in marketing and business development with the Birla group. Mr.Mithelhas developed products that have made a significant contribution towards improving the health and hygiene of young women, across India. A people’s person with empathetic understanding and a keen interest in education