Pongal is one of the most popular and loved festivals of South India!

It is a harvest festival, Makar Sankranti/ Pongal marks the end of the winter solstice, which symbolizes the end of the long winter nights and the celebration at the coming of the long sunny days. It also signifies the happiness of the farmers at getting new crops. It is called the Harvest festival of southern India!

Families come together to welcome the harvest season and is specially marked by its distinct traditional rituals. Some of the most common rituals that are Cleaning the clutter of our home, Flying Kites, Cooking  sweet/sakarai pongal in an open fire!

So how can we involve our Toddler in the celebration of pongal? How do we get them to be excited about the festival and better understand its Traditional Importance?!

Here are a few interesting ways to engage your toddler in the celebration of pongal.

3 creative Pongal art and craft activities you can do with your toddler

Activity 1: Drawing the pongal pot!!

Encourage children to draw the pongal pot, but with a twist! Make them use natural and locally available materials around the house and garden to decorate their Drawing!

Example Use Sand to colour the pongal pot.

Use cotton to show the pongal.

Use dried and fallen leafs to show sugarcane .

Activity 2: Making kites:

Kites are flown all across India to celebrate the new harvest of the farmers! It is easy to make miniature kites with Materials available around the house. It makes for a grate piece of art to display too!

Find dried fallen leaves in the shape of kites/Make mini diamond shaped kites with paper. Puncture the mini kites with small holes. Insert the strings through the holes and fasten the kites onto to a large twig.

Activity 3: Sculpting The pongal pot!

Here is another creative way to make mini pongal pot art using natural materials!

Using play dough or Chappathi dough make the shape of the pongal pot,  sugar cane,  fruits,  coconut and use dried leaves as a plate for the fruits and coconut!