Our Activities


Mom & Toddler Program

The Baby Club is a Mom And Toddler class. The Toddler brings mother or father (or relative) to a session in school in school that lasts for about two hours - outdoor play, indoor play, sensory motor integration, story telling, puppetry, music and movement.... twice a week! baby gets acquainted with the professional space, other children and mom and baby get to bond some more.

1.2yrs onwards

10am to 12noon


Music & Movement

Music and movement program promotes learning in kids through the language of music. Children are taken on a joyous adventure with rhythm and rhyme, the activities include singing and dancing and involves usage of colorful props.

2 to 4 yrs

5 to 6 pm


Reading Club

Reading club is an initiative to inculcate the habit of reading amongst toddlers from an early age. It aids a child's development by encouraging them to ponder, question, learn and grow wings and fly to the world of imagination.

4 to 6yrs

5 to 6pm


Kindy Drama

Kindy Drama is a specialized drama programme that urges kids to express creatively through movement, storytelling and song. It helps children develop a sense of self confidence, esteem and skill in verbal communication. The activities include dramatic play, speech training, story telling, song and linguistic activities.