Well, why send a child to preschool? Knowledge and skills can be acquired anywhere. Even at home. That is why many parents are committed to Homeschooling and that works just fine too.

Possibly the following few reasons are why parents choose to send children to preschool over homeschooling.

1. A preschool is a safe place with care taken to see that each part is child safe and child friendly. 

2. A variety of interactive material is available to the child  to touch, feel, explore.

3. Trained staff who ensure the child is given the right stimulation to build 21 st century skills.

4. Minimum or monitored exposure to digital media.

5. Peer play, social interaction and honing of collaboration skills.

Planning the curriculum and lesson plans for the Helen O’Grady International Preschool finds us working on  spaces for children to explore discover and invent.

The first priority is to building communication and socio emotional skills. Language skills involve honing listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Then of course there are the math skills and the  scientific attitude.  Number sense, value, computing , analysis are skills leading to mathematics and a whole lot of fun ways of introducing children to science with magnifying glass, telescopes, binoculars  and microscopes.

Life, in a preschool, is full of excitement!